Who we are?

We are Hub-Lub Live Marketing, responsible for the Cesar Ramos pilot's website and the CR30 brand, we care about transparency. That's why we build clear communication about the way we use the personal data of our customers and users.

For this reason, we have prepared this E-commerce Privacy Policy that addresses all the processing of personal data, that is, it details the reasons why we use your data, who we share it with, what your rights are as a holder of personal data and how we guarantee security of your information.

In case of doubts, suggestions or additional information, you can contact our Supervisor directly, as provided in this E-commerce Privacy Policy.

We reserve the right to change this E-commerce Privacy Policy at any time for its constant improvement. Whenever any relevant condition of this Policy is changed, these changes will be valid, effective and binding after the new version is posted on our websites.

Therefore, it is very important that you review this E-commerce Privacy Policy frequently.

What do we collect your personal data for?

The reason why we collect your personal data varies depending on your interaction on one of our websites. We collect for several reasons, for example:

  • To improve your experience on our sites

  • To manage your registration

  • To manage your purchases

  • To communicate with you by sending promotional materials

  • To help you with any questions or requests about purchases

  • To serve you if you wish to exercise your rights as a data subject

If you would like to know more about the data collected and the purposes for which it is processed, please go to Appendix 1 at the end of this policy.

Why do we collect your personal data?

According to the law, we may process your personal data in various situations:

  • To execute the purchase relationship

  • To issue the invoice for your purchase

  • For sending newsletters or promotional campaigns

  • To support you as our customer

  • for marketing purposes

Learn more: If you would like to learn more about the data we collect and its purposes, go to our Exhibit 1 at the end of this policy.

Who do we share your personal data with?

In order to provide our services in the best possible way, we may share your personal data collected on our websites with some business partners and third parties. See below for the most common examples:

  • With business partners and companies that belong to the same economic group as Hub-Lub

  • With our suppliers and employees

  • With our franchisees

  • With our sponsors: Ipiranga, Jungle, Oakberry, Real Drive and Hub-Lub

  • With the Stock Car category in order to improve the experience and offer promotions

  • With companies specializing in data processing and information security and any others that provide us with support for the operation of our websites

  • In legal proceedings or when requested by competent authorities or by the Judiciary

International Transfers

For the purposes of logistics, transport and customer support services, our providers may be located in international territory. Our technology service providers that support our websites may also be located or maintain technology infrastructure in other countries. In these cases, we transfer your personal data with adequate guarantees and always ensuring their maximum security. We inform you that in these cases we have specific signed contracts that guarantee the treatment of personal data in accordance with our E-commerce Privacy Policy.

Rights of personal data holders

We are committed to looking after your privacy and providing a communication channel so that you can exercise your rights in accordance with the law. With this in mind, we created the communication channel storecr30@hub-lub.com.br

To ensure that only you will have access to information about the processing of your personal data, we may request a copy of an identification document or use other authentication factors to confirm your identity.

Through our channel, you will be able to clear all your doubts and also request access to your data and exercise rights guaranteed by law.

How is your personal data stored?

We keep your data with us only for the period necessary to fulfill the purpose corresponding to the processing. We always pay attention to the rules for the retention and disposal of personal data, including our own Information Security policy that establishes the guidelines to determine the appropriate retention period for each type of personal data, considering the need, purpose of treatment and nature of personal data.

Regardless of whether we process your data for the time strictly necessary to fulfill the corresponding purpose, we will keep it later, properly stored and protected, for as long as responsibilities arising from the processing may arise, in accordance with the legislation in force at that time.

Security of your personal data

We comply with technical and administrative safety standards recommended by national legislation. We use several types of security measures to ensure the integrity of your personal data, such as data encryption, anonymization, data management access policies, among others, in order to preserve the integrity of your data and protect it from access unauthorized or other security incidents.

And it didn't end there, we still need to comment on Cookies

Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer and collect information about your browsing and/or your device. Cookies help us to improve your navigability on our websites and to better understand how you interact with us. Also, in some cases, we display advertisements resulting from navigability analyses.

You can prevent the installation of Cookies by configuring your browser or choosing not to accept them on the homepage of our website. In this case, by blocking Cookies, we cannot guarantee the correct functioning of our websites and our services or pages.

And if, after reading our E-commerce Privacy Policy, you still have any questions...

Don't hesitate to contact us! If, for any reason, you do not agree with the way we use your personal data, you can use the communication channel indicated in the section "Right of the holder of personal data" or contact our Data Processing Officer directly personal, through the contact channel storecr30@hub-lub.com.br

Annex 1 - Details of personal data collected / processed and their purposes

Depending on the purpose, we process certain personal data which, in general, are as follows:

  • Registration data- name, email, contact details;

  • Financial data – for carrying out transactions and payments on our websites;

  • Geolocation data – in case of interaction via mobile, desktop or tablet.

  • Consumer profile data – to improve your experience on our websites.

  • Data collected automatically – such as characteristics of the access device, browser, IP (with date and time), IP origin, information about clicks and page access, or any search term entered on the websites or in reference to these, among others.

Therefore, we will treat your data according to the activities you carry out on our websites. Below we detail each of the purposes for which your data will be treated:

For identification management on the website – so you can register and make purchases on our website;

  • To carry out the purchase and sale transaction – we emphasize that certain purchase data are only stored with your consent (such as credit card data, which are stored in accordance with the security standards established by the PCI Security Standards Council);

  • To enable the provision of support to you – for this purpose, we may use survey responses or queries made by the different websites as a way to assist you, both in providing a service, and in the execution of a right as a data owner;

  • To enhance your experience on our websites and to offer you products that we believe will be of interest to you, based on your shopping history with us, for example through email offers or other communication channels. In these cases, you will always have the option of not receiving communications or offers from us;

  • We may contact you for communications with promotional purposes or to return requests made by SAC, through email, telephone and other means of communication made available in records;

Annex 2 - Data Subject Rights

Your rights as a data subject, which are provided for in data legislation, are, in brief:

  • Confirmation and Access to the personal data we process;

  • Correction of outdated, incomplete or inaccurate personal data;

  • Anonymization, blocking or deletion of unnecessary personal data;

  • Consent information;

  • Revocation of consent;

  • Information about sharing personal data;

  • Opposition/revocation of consent;

  • Data portability to another service or product provider

Annex 3 - Cookies Details

Why do we use them?

The main purpose of cookies is to improve your experience on our websites. But just to make it clear to you, we've listed the main purposes below:

Cookies for providing services

statistical cookies

Cookies for promotional purposes

Who uses the information stored through cookies?

It is worth mentioning that in order to improve our services, we share Cookies information with companies that help us in our operations.

Cookie Disabling

If the use of cookies is not in your interest, you can block, restrict or remove them from your browser through your browser settings. Usually in "Preferences" or "Tools".